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Linear Algebra Decoded is an application especially designed to assist students enrolled in Lineal Algebra with all their homework. It also features many useful benefits for professors, such as the possibility of generating exams where the problems are personalized and solved with rounded solutions.

The program offers step by step solutions with detailed explanations of 60 different problems, relating to matrices, derivatives, linear equations, vectors and linear applications. It works with five different types of data: matrices, linear equation systems, vector subspaces, sets of vectors and linear applications.

Linear Algebra Decoded's interface is also designed to make operations and data inputting more comfortable, easy and as fast as possible, being able to perform any action with a simple number of clicks...and introducing the corresponding data, obviously.

Linear Algebra Decoded is a very useful application for students and algebra teachers, but any other user will possibly find the application completely useless.

Only the first ten problems are available.

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